On: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's tearing through the blogosphere.
Lala, a music website that has struggled at times has come up with a new service that lets you buy music on the internet for pennies!!!

You can't put the music on a music player, but you can listen to it on the interwebs.
You can also buy the actual album, but why?
It's worth it in the world, and it's going towards the future ;)


This is the site

It is pretty cool really.

But, onwards with the day.

English 2
My day started off... weird. Why? I ended up with Mr. Williams, who is probably the strangest teacher in existence. He pretended to get sucked into his desk, threatened to fart on a student, and made a strange laugh at random intervals. So, he has me creep'd out. He seems like a decent teacher though... just creepy.

Geometry was pretty boring really. It was made up mostly of silence, and short conversations. I found the teacher was mostly unassertive, and almost seemed nervous around us. It'll take some time to get used to this class.

Speech, speech, speech, speech. I have a lot to say about Speech.
I have Speech with Macey and Makayla. This is an amazingly cool thing, but, it's also amazingly frustrating.
To me, they are at times overly chatty, and upon entry to the class they took the liberty to hug me despite the rule against PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Really, it's cool to get hugged by your friends. But, it's not cool to openly break rules in class. It's just not right. Also, this makes the class different for me. I've never been in class with either of them, and they both talk a lot. It's hard for me to concentrate when people are talking, and they have reasons to talk to me. I'm Macey says I'm her "bestest friend", and I'm like one of Makayla's best friends too. I don't think I can recall having a class with anybody that was seriously my best friend.

They also read body language a lot, so at times they think I'm "sad" when I'm not. That gets annoying, and opens up rivers of possible conversation.

Also, Macey said, "Group work sucks though because all you want to do is talk..."
That's another BIG worry of mine. I'm already a bad procrastonator, and I'm really trying to do good in school. But, it's going to be hard with all the conversation in the airways.

I really just need to be focused on school right now.

Not much to say here, it's a boring class. I only know a handful of people. And, Mr. Cook is pretty lax. It seems like it may actually be an easy enough class.

That was my day.

It's short and sweet, no?

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aplovelace said...

I am very glad that your day went well. Hopefully you will get used to hearing chatting and conversations. I am very glad that you have best friends, I never did. Probably because I was always so selfish. Love, Mom.