On: Monday, October 20, 2008

School is this big place that I haven't been to in 2 monthes.
Obviously, it is worth it to go there and get a degree.
So, today I started my day by getting my schedule.
A-1: Newspaper
Walk in, and the volume is set to mute. I swear, not a single voice was risen. Though I was extremely anxious, my nerves were calmed when I saw that Victoria was in the class. The teacher, Mrs. Liska, was grading papers all period, and I got the impression that the class was more of a "Do it on your own" class.
Otherwise, the class was good, just boring.

A-2: Gym

Simply, it was fun. We played volleyball. I don't really know anybody in the class, but the people seem nice enough.

A-3: Interior Design
It's not a class full of people I know. Actually, I don't know anybody. But, the class is fun! I get to design... interiors :p
I really like it though, least, my first day was good.

A-4: World History

World History was alright. As is expected, there were plenty of people I knew in the class. It was pretty boring, and normal though. Mr. Self is quite a character though.

Really, school went great today.
Tomorrow will probably only be better.

3 comments on "School"

ian_byford_art said...

it good to here your day went well

Living Dead Girl said...

Hey, great to hear that your day at school went so well. Heres hoping that tomorrow is just as good if not better :]

aplovelace said...

YAY I am so happy that your day went well. I hope that today is as good. Love, Mom